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We provide multi-purpose meeting and conference room facilities suited for professionals and digital nomads seeking a ready-to-use space with live support. 

Our spacious and modern facilities include: 

  • Full multimedia equipment access 
  • Flexible seating for meeting rooms (hosting 6-15 people) and conference rooms (up to 60 people) with adequate physical distancing 
  • Reliable internet access and WiFi 
  • Safe, stylish and comfortable facilities available on weekdays and on weekends 
  • Professional and personalized support from our in-house team

Meeting and conference rooms are available exclusively by booking.

We provide high quality printed documents that can be laminated or bound based on your preference.

  • Photocopy (Black & White/ Colour)
  • Enlargement of documents
  • Reduction of documents
  • Double sided copying
  • Laminating (Letter size 8 ½ x 11; Legal size 8 ½ x 14; ledger 11x 17)
  • Spiral and Uni Binding

Note: Printing from thumb drives are not allowed. However, customers can email documents to be printed to or visit us and use our computer to print from your personal email address.

Access business development support to start and grow your business

  • Business address and administrative support 
  • Ideation: concept screening and refinement            
  • Assistance with development of business plan/model canvas   
  • Mentoring and Business Advising on Business Model Development        
  • Connections to technical assistance for development of prototypes   
  • Venture development technical training seminars and workshops   
  • Networking events and workshops     
  • Use of conference and meeting rooms    

Expert evaluation for transition to Incubator Programme

Key insights and skills to start and grow your business 

  • Development of Business Model
  • Development of Business Plan
  • Taxation 
  • Accounting and Record-Keeping
  • Plus much more!

The Growth Wheel system is a world-renowned business framework which helps entrepreneurs make better decisions and take more critical action to grow their business. 

  • Assessments help entrepreneurs see where they are in their business and determine what they need to do to meet their goals and milestones.
  • Toolkits and worksheets enable entrepreneurs with the skills needed to better plan, execute and evaluate the performance of their business. These include:
    • Budgeting worksheets
    • Human Resource Management worksheets
    • Financial Statements and Profitability Analysis worksheets
    • Mission, Vision & Milestone Planning worksheets
    • And much more!